YouTube stands up for comedians

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YouTube stands up for comedians

Are they having a laugh?.

YouTube has introduced accounts specifically for comedians which will include additional features not available to regular users.

Comedian Accounts will allow comedians to customise their channel with "show dates, images and video".

However, one member who already had a YouTube Director account warned against users converting.

"If you already have a Director Account, do not go for a Comedian Account on YouTube," Matt Hawes posted on his blog. 

"I did, thinking it would be in addition to my Director Account. Nope, it supplants the Director Account. The Director Account has more privileges.

"The only thing the Comedian Account really does that the Director Account doesn't is allow you to post show dates. You could do the same thing by making a video and uploading it.

"As a result, I lost my Director Account status ... kind of. See, I can't re-apply because YouTube still has it in the system that I applied and was approved, but it won't let me do the things I used to be able to do as a Director Account member."

Social network MySpace launched a similar service aimed at comedians back in July. 

The MySpace Comedy channel was launched in partnership with the Improv comedy club chain. As part of the deal, MySpace provides exclusive material such as behind-the-scenes footage from Improv clubs throughout the US. 

MySpace said at launch that more than 7,500 comedians had already signed up to use the new tools, which allow comedians to post tour dates, share audio or video clips and interact with fans.

YouTube took a leaf out of Facebook by introducing a service specifically for college students - Facebook's primary audience - back in August.
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