IBM launches data management portfolio

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IBM launches data management portfolio

IBM has released an array of products designed to help organisations better manage customer data and keep up to date with the latest industry trends.

The mix of hardware, software and services forms part of a new strategy to help customers "seize control once more in IT", according to IBM systems consultant Doug Neilson, who referred to an ever growing IT infrastructure that is complex and costly to manage.

The first product is a de-duplication appliance called Protectier that uses functionality IBM acquired from Diligent Technologies in 2008 to reduce data proliferation and storage costs.

To further cut down data storage, IBM has brought full-disk encryption to its System Storage DS8000, extending the self-encrypting technology offered on tape drives to discs. When combined with Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager, the solution will allow businesses to erase disk drives that have been retired or used for a different purpose.

IBM's Internet Security Systems division will help organisations monitor and control encryption on external storage devices, which IBM said would be particularly useful to businesses if an endpoint device is lost or stolen.

Additionally, Big Blue is making data analysis easier by offering System z mainframe customers access to new software called InfoSphere Warehouse that will integrate a data warehouse with business intelligence applications.

IBM also launched a batch of technologies which it said would enable businesses to gain more insight into their physical infrastructure.

A Service Management for Industry Solution will help IBM customers map and integrate sensor information, such as RFID tags or 'smart meters'. The software and service offering will be customised for seven industries: utilities, chemicals & petroleum, telecommunications, retail, banking, electronics and manufacturing.

The sensors will be monitored through the Tivoli Service Management platform and IBM has launched Service Management Implementation Enhancements and Accelerators so that organisations can implement the platform more easily.

Tivoli Service Automation Manager, meanwhile, will offer automated application management that will allow, for example, a bank to know how many mortgages it is taking onboard, without the calculation being subject to human error and time constraints, IBM said.

The launch of Tivoli Key Lifecycle Manager will give businesses the ability to centrally manage customer data secured through different encryption points throughout the organisation.

IBM will also offer customers more consulting services in the area of risk mitigation in order to help businesses adapt to changes and new regulatory requirements.

In similar news, the firm has updated its recently announced System Director software, which allows IT departments to monitor physical and virtual servers, and their energy consumption and temperature.

Tivoli Monitoring for Energy Management will produce automated reports for energy consumption by non-IT assets, such as an air conditioning systems or city streetlights, IBM said.

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