Workplace Ombudsman to investigate Commander sackings

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Workplace Ombudsman to investigate Commander sackings

The Commonwealth Workplace Ombudsman will investigate the dismissal of 600 staff at telecommunications and information services company Commander Communications to ensure workers receive their lawful termination entitlements under Federal workplace law.

The Workplace Ombudsman’s executive director of External Affairs, Michael Campbell, said federal workplace law sets out specific rules and protections when an employment relationship is terminated.

“Most workers employed on a permanent basis will be owed entitlements at the time that their employment ends and can include accrued annual leave or pro rata long service leave if the employee is eligible,” he said.

According to Campbell, when a permanent employee’s employment is terminated, they must also receive pay in lieu of notice as well as any other entitlement that is provided for in their award or certified agreement, which can include pay for years of service.

Amanda Lacaze, managing director at Commander said the service provider would be happy to provide information and documentation as requested by the Workplace Ombudsman.

“Commander is committed to ensuring all employees leaving the business as part of the recent restructure receive full entitlements based on their employment agreement, EBA or award, and state and federal legislation. In addition, Commander is also providing these employees with professional career transition support to help them find new employment,” she said.

Commander recently announced it would cut 600 staff members in a bid to ensure costs savings and return profitability to the company.

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