Silicon valley stars to send DNA into space

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Silicon valley stars to send DNA into space

As if it wasn't enough that nerds control the world, now they want to conquer space, with Silicon Valley ‘celebs’ lining up to send their digitised DNA off to the final frontier.

Under a programme called ‘Operation Immortality’ by NCsoft, Digg founder Kevin Rose, tech blogger Robert Scoble and techy venture capitalist Tim Draper will all soon send their DNA into orbit to join that of some of Earth's better athletes, musicians and thinkers.

The blogger DNA will be personally delivered to the International Space Station (ISS) by game designer Richard Garriott, who is flying out there on Oct. 12 as a private citizen.

“My hope is that aliens get a hold of my DNA so my clones can spread entrepreneurship to galaxies throughout the universe,” said Draper.

Operation Immortality’s so called "Immortality Drive" is now apparently well under way, with people the world over lining up to load ridiculous personal messages onto the “digital time capsule of the human race”, to be sent to ISS along with Draper's DNA and Scoble’s saliva samples.

Some lucky and select few found interesting or worthy enough might even be chosen to have their own DNA digitised and sent into the great unknown.
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