Sandisk speeds up SSD

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Sandisk speeds up SSD

FFS... that's fast!

Sandisk has announced that it can make Solid State Drives work up to 100 times faster than is currently possible.

The company's new Flash File System (FFS... yes we know... stop sniggering back there) will ship with devices in early 2009.

Extreme FFS operates on a page-based algorithm, which, according to Sandisk's boffins, means there is no fixed coupling between the physical and logical location of data. When a sector of data is written, the SSD puts it where it is most convenient and efficient. The result is an improvement in random write performance – theoretically by up to 100 times – as well as in overall endurance.

The system also learns user patterns and, over time, will know where to park frequently-used chunks of data.

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