QlikTech outlines BI product roadmap

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QlikTech outlines BI product roadmap

Independent business intelligence firm QlikTech has added new support to its QlikView product for HP Neoview, and has given customers a preview of its product roadmap for 2009.

The new support will allow customers with large data volumes in an HP data warehouse to quickly visualise the data and make faster decisions, according to the QlikTech.

The vendor had previously announced support for warehouse applications supplied by Sybase IQ and Kalido.

"We are working with a number of other next-generation data warehouse providers, for which we may announce support in the future," said Anthony Deighton, senior vice president of products at QlickTech.

The firm has also been expanding its partnerships with front-end application suppliers in OEM agreements, including with Atex, to allow businesses to view data in a way best suited to their needs.

QlikView 9, due out in May or June this year, will take the product to even more places, according to Deighton. "A strategy called 'QlickView everywhere' will make it easier to do mash-ups and portals," he added.

Additionally QlikView 9 will make it easier for customers to make larger deployments of the software, and offer usability enhancements such as new ways to visualise and simplify data.

"We intend to build in visual analysis and make the output interactive, showing data in a way that makes it easy to answer particular questions," Deighton said.

"We always think of QlikView as a simple product that normal human beings can use, but we never stop thinking about how to make it even simpler and easier to use."

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