Mobiles 'prove' women are better multitaskers

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A global online survey has revealed something that our mothers could have told us for free: women are better at multitasking than men..

Nearly eight out 10 respondents to a survey by Nokia consider themselves multitaskers, and 50 percent describe themselves as 'productive' and 31 percent as 'busy'.

However, 60 percent of men and women agreed that women are better at multitasking. Just six percent of women believe that men are better.

An overwhelming 80 percent of respondents believe that having a mobile phone enables them to achieve a positive work/life balance.

While 63 percent believe they would be less productive without their mobile phone, 74 percent believe it makes them better at multitasking.

"People are using their mobile phones more than ever," said Dom Fried-Booth, insights director of devices at Nokia.

"And with all the features available on mobile phones today, including calendars, email and SMS, people are using them for more than just making calls.

"This helps some people to be more productive for work and others to run the family household more smoothly. Whatever the case, mobile phones are clearly helping people get what they want out of life."

According to the survey, the majority of men and women in Denmark and Norway can do several things at once, while the most 'relaxed' were the Finns at 74 percent.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents claimed to be able to perform two or three activities while talking on their mobile, including internet browsing and shopping.

Three quarters of women said that they prepare food while using their mobile phone, and half put on makeup.

Although the majority of respondents claimed to do more than one thing at a time while on their mobile phone, 48 per cent indicated that the call was their main focus.

The 'most fun' activity while on the phone was 'being in bed', although no more specifics were given.

The survey also revealed that multitasking while using a mobile phone can have awkward repercussions.

Some 47 percent of respondents admitted to sending a romantic or controversial text message to the wrong person, 56 percent of whom were women.

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