Man sells his life on eBay

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An Australian man has put his entire life up for auction on eBay, and bidding has already reached $390,000..

Ian Usher, originally from the UK, is offering his house, furniture, electronics, motorbike, car and jet ski.

The auction winner will also get introductions to Usher's friends and family, and a two-week trial in his current job as a carpet store assistant.

Usher made the decision to put everything up on eBay when his wife left him after 12 years of marriage.

"Despite my life being busy and fulfilled, I still miss my wife so much. Everything in my home is a reminder of the wonderful past we shared," he says on his A Life 4 Sale website.

"It's time to let it all go and move on to the next big adventure that life has to offer. Or maybe, as a couple of friends have suggested, I am just having some sort of mid-life crisis!"

The idea is for Usher to be left with just the clothes he stands in and his passport. He then plans to head to the nearest airport and take the first available plane.

Initially the auction did not go as planned. Usher had intended to make the bidding for registered eBay users but this did not happen and bids soon reached over $2m.

"There are obviously a lot of very bored idiots out there who need to get a life, but who think it's better to bid on mine with no intention or ability to follow it up," he said.

"Eventually, as I worked backwards through the bids, I discovered that the highest bid from a genuinely registered bidder was down at $155,000, and I decided to delete all bids above that."

The auction ends on 29 June.
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