Jesus signs up to MySpace

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Jesus signs up to MySpace

Thx for the add, Lord.

Jesus is the latest convert to MySpace, joining thousands of bands, celebrities and individuals with a page on the social networking site. 

The Jesus MySpace page has been set up by the Churches Advertising Network, an independent group that exists to "provide high quality national Christian advertising campaigns". 

The page is part of a campaign called 'Where will you find him?' which is based around a series of radio ads in which young people talk about their spiritual beliefs. The campaign uses a striking poster depicting the face of Jesus in a beer glass.

Aimed at young people, the ads hope to draw visitors to the page to talk about their views and experiences of God.

"We want the campaign to spark discussion about God, and we think these ads, both the posters and radio campaign, will help do that," said Francis Goodwin, chairman of the Churches Advertising Network.

"People may not talk openly about their beliefs, but we hope they will discuss them online at MySpace."

Jesus is listed on the site as a 33 year-old male from Nazareth. Among His interests are "beard-care" and "extreme waterskiing" and his favourite film is The Life of Brian. His occupation is listed as "carpenter and prophet". 

Jesus currently has 58 friends on MySpace, giving Him a long way to go if He wants to beat Tila Tequila, the most popular member of the community, who has 1,372,976 people listed as contacts.
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