IBM serves up virtual tennis coach

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IBM serves up virtual tennis coach

UK - This year's Wimbledon tennis tournament is to get a hi-tech shake-up with the introduction of detailed match analysis DVDs for every game.

Virtual coach DVDs are being made available as a result of IBM's long standing association with the All England Lawn Tennis Club. 

The analysis provides a point-by-point replay with a searchable video index and will be provided to every player at the end of every match.

The DVD can play back a specific part of any match from multiple perspectives, for instance a crucial unconverted break point, allowing players a new way to analyse performance, spot weaknesses and develop their game.

Players can also use the DVD to gain a competitive advantage on their opponents, by isolating their weaknesses and devising a way to capitalise on the information.

"The interesting balance is between tradition and change," said Ian Ritchie, chief executive of the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

"In a highly competitive environment you are always looking to do something different, but it has to be innovation that matters."

The virtual coach DVDs were first given out at the French Open several weeks ago and Wimbledon will be the second grand slam tournament using the technology.

Organisers are hoping that the weather holds during this year's Wimbledon tournament as the Centre Court will be completely exposed to the elements for the first time in its 85-year history due to redevelopment.

Qualifying for Wimbledon kicked off on Monday with the first day's action from the Bank of England Sports Ground at Roehampton.

Virtual Coach DVD contents:

  • Match Footage searchable by point or statistic
  • Overall match statistics
  • Scores
  • Game highlights
  • Printable statistic sheet
  • High quality broadband video
Serve Statistics:

  • Position
  • Direction
  • Fastest
  • Slowest
  • Average speed
  • First serve percentage
  • Points won on 1st and 2nd serve
  • Total points won on serve

  • Aces
  • Double faults
  • Unforced errors
  • Return points won
  • Winners
  • Break point conversions
  • Net approaches
  • Total points won
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