Me and my job

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 Me and my job

Q: How did you get into security?

My background is in telecoms. I started work in the the fire service six years ago, managing the processes and systems as opposed to the technical stuff.

Q: What do you like most about your job?

There's a great deal of variety. We have a lot of locations in Buckinghamshire, and this area is comparatively small in relation to other fire services.

Q: What's special about working for the service?

A lot of people are completely unaware of the support services behind the fire brigade. These support services need to be highly available, we have backups for the backups. For example, our backup UPSs are backed up themselves. Also, we have to maintain multiple communications bearers. These lines of communication have to be up to ensure system integrity.

Q: What most annoys you?

I think the downside to any job in the public sector is that it is not always at the forefront of technology. We have to work very hard to keep abreast of things. Other than that, I really love my job.

Q: Who has influenced you?

I used to work for Berkshire Fire Service and my boss there set me on the path. He was more than a role model, he was an inspiration. What he said to me was a breath of fresh air compared to traditional fire service thinking. He taught me to look at the horizon and not just the pebbles on the beach.

Q: You used to be in the army. How does it compare to working for the brigade?

There are many similarities, but also many differences too. While there is discipline in both the army and the fire service, the environment in the fire service is not as strict. The fire service is a public service and it has its own way of thinking. [If you] compare that to the army, [the army] has more high-level discipline all the time.

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