Vodafone accidentally announces iPhone plans

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Vodafone accidentally announces iPhone plans

With just two days to go until the iPhone makes it Aussie debut, Vodafone arrives fashionably late to the party with its pricing plans.

Both Telstra and Optus unveiled most of their pricing structures last week, but until now, Vodafone was hesitant to reveal any hints about what they planned to charge.

Apparently, Vodafone inadverdently posted the prices before it was ready to release them, but a few lucky people with good timing still managed to sneak a peek.

Vodafone is offering four different plans, which are modelled after its current schemes, for both cap contract and business customers.

The cheapest monthly plan runs for $69 a month for $310 worth of minutes and texts, and 250MB worth of data. With this plan, customers will pay $189 for the 8GB and $309 for the 16GB.

With a $169 a-month contract, customers can get the 8GB iPhone for free, and the 16GB device for $89. This plan is worth $1200 of minutes and 1GB worth of data.

The other plans charge $99 a month for $600 worth of talk and text and 500MB of data, and $119 for $800 worth of text and talk and 500MB of data.

Vodafone said it will release more details on launch-day Friday, when its stores will be opening up at normal hours.


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