Unidentified Mac spotted by web watchers

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Unidentified Mac spotted by web watchers

Steve Jobs was being as enigmatic as ever when asked if Apple would enter the increasingly cut-throat netbook market during a recent financial conference call.

When asked whether the company would ever make a low-cost computer, Jobs replied, "We don't know how to build a sub-US$500 computer that is not a piece of junk."

But when pushed further, and asked whether Apple would make a netbook, he said that the company was taking a "wait and see" stance. He went on to suggest that, if the time was ever right for Apple to move into the netbook arena, the company had "some pretty interesting ideas".

A NYT Blog revealed that a mole within an unnamed web search company, had allegedly spotted an unidentified Apple hardware platform connecting with the Interweb. The screen size of the device put it, " somewhere between an iPhone and a Macbook".

As no such beast currently exists, The Inquirer can only add to the wildly circulating rumours that Jobs' Mob already has a netbook device.
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