Tiny GPS spy in your pocket keeps track

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A company called QStarz has just unveiled a tiny portable GPS tracker, which it claims will not only be able to show you where you are and where you’re going, but also tracks your trip so you can upload your travel map to a blog.

The 60 x 40 x 7 mm BT-Q1300 travel recorder apparently includes the latest GPS chipset MTK with 66-CH performance and can log up to 200,000 travel points on its 4MB memory. The company boasts that its diminutive size makes it the world’s smallest travel recorder and its supporting software purportedly allows users to customise their travel log in three different ways (although the press release doesn’t actually specify what ways these might be).

For those whose partners (or more likely, mothers) want to keep track of them, the device can apparently beam a user’s travel path straight to Google Earth. They call it Geotagging. We call it neurotic.

And not to worry, if you end up drinking too much and forgetting where you took those embarrassing photos of yourself getting sleazy with the locals... or regurgitating the contents of your stomach onto the bar, the travel recorder reckons it can help you remember where exactly you were – thus ensuring that you never show your face there again.

Handy little thing!
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