Telstra’s new NBN conversation tool degenerates rapidly

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Telstra’s new NBN conversation tool degenerates rapidly

Telstra have added a new mini-site to nowwearetalking to ‘encourage a conversation’ on the NBN – let’s hope it’s a bit more insightful than the first post, which blasts Aussie journalists, Singtel Optus and basically anyone within reach.

The NBN landing page is designed to be a one-stop-shop to provide information about the National Broadband Network, according to David Quilty, managing director of public policy and communications for Telstra.

It promises to include material from Telstra, industry commentary, government statements and of course an opportunity for people to engage with the national carrier and prospective bidder.

However, Telstra’s first attempt to engage is unlikely to win them many friends or readers.

In it, Rod Bruem unleashes a trademark tirade directed squarely at sections of the Australian media, alleging they are pandering to the Optus-Terria PR machine.

He also has a message for Singtel Optus directly.

“By far the biggest game player has been Optus Terria – first pretending it was a broad coalition of companies actually wanting to build something when it [sic] really just a front for SingTel wanting to prevent the NBN happening so it can keep creaming subsidies off Telstra's copper,” Bruem retorts.

“It even played silly little side games like flying its mouthpiece to rural NSW and telling country folk that if it won the tender it would want to serve Australia's rural communities first. What a joke.”

Bruem also reserved a hefty serve for broadband site Whirlpool for allegedly referring to Telstra as ‘Sol$tra’.

At least Bruem’s colleague David Quilty seems more interested in taking the conversation up a few notches.

“Australians will be hearing a lot more about the National Broadband Network in the near future,” he said in a media statement.

“We must get it right. Australia can’t afford a second-rate white elephant National Broadband Network that fails to keep pace with our overseas competitors, so let’s get on with the job and do it right for Australia’s future.”

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