Telstra ups wireless limits to 10 GB

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Telstra ups wireless limits to 10 GB

Telstra has announced a 10 GB broadband plan to counter large download limits offered by rivals – but users will have to weigh up the additional costs.

The new plan, available from Sunday, will cost $129.95 per month over a 12-month contract period.

The modem is not included – although it is possible to get a ‘device rebate’ on it by signing up for 36 months.

Lesser plans are still significantly more expensive per GB than other wireless broadband providers such as 3 and Virgin.

Telstra’s new 1 GB plan will cost $59.95 per month while the 3 GB plan will cost $89.95 per month.

Existing subscribers could save up to $25 per month by upgrading to the new plans, which Telstra claims will be possible by visiting My BigPond.

But other providers are still undercutting on price and also download limits.

Three, for example, offers 1 GB of broadband for just $15 per month and 3 GB for $29. The modem is also free for a 24 month contract.

Three’s highest data plan is 7 GB, compared to Telstra’s new 10 GB plan – but the cost is also $80 per month less than Telstra.

Accessing 10 GB of data on the 3 plan, however, would cost an extra $307.20 within the 3 coverage zone – and astronomically more when roaming.

Virgin Mobile broadband is offered on a 5 GB plan for $39 per month flat – the speed is throttled after the limit is reached.

Optus wireless broadband costs $30 for 1 GB, up to $60 for 6 GB.

The disadvantage of some of these alternate plans is likely to be reach – with Telstra claiming its Next G network covers ‘over 99 percent of the population’, compared to some of the other networks which typically cover only major metropolitan areas.

“When you consider our superior speed and coverage with our wireless broadband, the choice is simple and it’s why customers are connecting with BigPond,” said Justin Milne, managing director of the BigPond Group.

Milne added, “We have also removed the different speed plans which may have confused some customers, so all of our wireless broadband plans are now available with the fastest network speeds available.”

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