Sophos planning to supply antivirus in Klingon

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Sophos planning to supply antivirus in Klingon

Sophos seems to be preparing to launch a version of its software security suit for users who prefer to speak Klingon.

A web page under construction on the Sophos site shows the prospective download page. From the material on the site it appears that the software is ready to go and will be released in July.

“Use Sophos's Klingon Anti-Virus to quickly perform an on-demand scan and find viruses, spyware, adware, zero-day threats, Betazoid sub-ether porn diallers and Tribbles that your existing protection might have missed,” the site reads.

“The software can be run without deactivating your current anti-virus software. Phasers can be left set to stun.”

However, the site does warn that the new code has compatibility issues with the cloaking devices on Romulan-modded D7-class battle cruisers and installing this software on such vessels is punishable by ordeal of Ginst'a'Ed.

Klingon is the most widely spoken invented language in the world, according to the Guinness Book of World Records and several works, including Shakespeare’s Hamlet, have been translated into the language.

It was invented by American linguist Marc Okrand, a specialist in Native American languages, who also created the Vulcan language at the behest of the makers of Star Trek.

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