Samsung unveils 80nm 1Gb DDR2 memory

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Samsung unveils 80nm 1Gb DDR2 memory

Chips are 36 per cent smaller than those made with 90nm technology.

Samsung Electronics claims to have become the first company to begin mass production of 1Gb DDR2 DRam memory using 80nm process technology.

The Korean electronics giant pointed out that, while monolithic 1Gb DDR2 is available today, it is produced with more costly and less efficient 90nm technology.

By applying 80nm process technology, Samsung said it will be able to produce a DRam package measuring 11mm x 11.5mm.

This makes the component 36 per cent smaller than the 11mm x 18mm package required for a DRam chip using 90nm technology, according to Samsung, and nearly as small as the 512Mb DRam which is half the size of a 90nm 1Gb chip.

Most 1Gb DRam chips today are stacked in high-capacity DRam modules for next-generation servers. These modules include the 4GB fully buffered Dual Inline Memory Module and the 2GB Small Outline Dual Inline Memory Module.

Analyst firm Gartner estimated that the global DRam market will be worth US$28.7bn this year, rising to US$37.8bn by 2008.

1Gb DRam currently represents eight per cent of the market, but is expected to comprise 36 per cent of all DRam sold in 2008.
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