Nokia looking to build laptops

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Nokia looking to build laptops

Nokia is “looking very actively” at getting into the laptop market, according to the company’s chief executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo.

The company, which s the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturer, is looking to branch out Kallasvuo said in an interview with Finnish television station YLE. He said the move was sparked by the increasing convergence of the mobile and PC industry.

"We don't have to look even for five years from now to see that what we know as a mobile phone and what we know as a PC are in many ways converging," Kallasvuo said.

"Today we have hundreds of millions of people who are having their first Internet experience on the phone. This is a good indication."

Kallasvuo didn’t specify whether the company would be producing a full-featured laptop or a slimmed down netbook. Nokia already a Wi-Fi internet tablet, the 770 model, and the new devices could be based on this reference design.

The admission is a recognition that the line between computers and telephony is getting increasingly blurred.

Earlier this month at Mobile World Congress Acer that it was entering the smartphone market with a host of new models. Dell too is rumoured to be producing a smartphone, aimed at the lucrative business end of the market.

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