Mega offers free client-side crypto SDK

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Mega offers free client-side crypto SDK

Free to registered users.

The cloud storage venture by the Megaupload four, Mega, has released a software development kit (SDK) for the service, along with an affiliates program with revenue sharing.

Speaking to iTnews, the chief programmer of Mega, Bram van der Kolk, said the new feature is aimed at developers who want to become part of the encrypted storage site's success if they manage to develop and market cool apps. 

While Mega released an application programming interface (API) soon after the site was launched, the complex cryptographic logic "was very cumbersome for developers," van der Kolk said. 

Mega uses client-side encryption of files stored in the cloud as a key part of its storage offering. In other words, it encrypts files on users' devices before the files are transmitted to the cloud.

This adds another layer of security, as it means Mega is unable to decrypt users' data itself; only users storing data on the site can do that.

"It's the first robust client-side cryptographic SDK for cloud storage," van der Kolk added.

"Third party developers can now interface with Mega, with all the crypto logic ready for them, under the hood."

According to van der Kolk, cloud storage competitor Dropbox also offers an SDK, but the difference is that it doesn't have to deal with client-side encryption. 

"Now, we supply an abstraction layer so that developers can focus on their apps and user interface rather than our cryptographic logic, " van der Kolk said. 

The Mega SDK is free to registered users of the site. App developers can also sign up for an affliliates program that gives them 20 percent of revenue from new business to Mega.

Mega was set up by the four founders of Megaupload, a file-sharing site dismantled by the United States authorities who are trying to extradite them from New Zealand on allegations of secondary copyright infringement on a large scale.

While fighting the extradition, Dotcom and his associates' new storage service is gaining traction, with Telecom NZ-owned Gen-i now hosting the service in New Zealand, the National Business Review reported last week.

Cogent in Germany was the original host for Mega, which has now diversified to Luxembourg and New Zealand.

Files for Australian, New Zealand and Pacific users will now be hosted on the network of the Telecom New Zealand systems integrator.

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