Linksys adds ED and LAN Systems

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Cisco-owned Linksys has added Express Data and LAN Systems to its distribution list.

Cisco-owned Linksys has added Express Data and LAN Systems to its distribution list.

Graeme Reardon, Australia and New Zealand regional manager at Linksys, said Express Data and LAN Systems provided specialised reseller bases, particularly in the ISP and voice service provider areas.

"They have fantastic feet on the ground and fantastic distribution models," he said.

Another reason for adding the two distributors was feedback from Cisco customers, Reardon added.

Ingram Micro and Multimedia Technology already represent Linksys in Australia.

The vendor was pleased with Ingram Micro and Multimedia Technology. The new arrangement would not affect those relationships, Reardon said.

All Linksys' business went through distributors, Reardon added.

Derville Hannon, communication division manager at Express Data, said most resellers covered diverse products and customers were demanding SOHO and SMB product lines.

"Our existing portfolio demands that we scale in both [SMB and enterprise] directions," she said.

The SMB space had increased in focus and sophistication in the last few months, Hannon added. The challenge was to identify resellers with opportunities in the SMB space.

Express Data would keep its Cisco and Linksys product lines distinct and resourced separately, Hannon said.

LAN Systems said it would use the same people and resources to support both product lines.

Tony Heywood, Cisco business manager at LAN Systems, said the focus was on educating partners about integrating Linksys products into existing Cisco systems.

Rather than trying to expand its network of resellers, the company was trying to "get the word out there" to existing customers, he said.

Heywood expected a strong emphasis on wireless networking and mobility in the next 12 months. The addition of Linksys would put LAN Systems in a position to take advantage of the trend, he said.

Reardon said Linksys had no plans to increase its list of distributors further in the foreseeable future.

"We'll give it a good solid 12 month run. We're looking forward to a really successful financial year," he said.


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