LHC shut down by transformer

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Researchers at Cern have confirmed that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) managed only a few hours of operations before being shut down.

The multi-billion dollar apparatus was switched on on September 10th and initially beams were sent around the 27km underground acceleration ring successfully. However, a large transformer failed a few hours into testing and had to be replaced

“The transformer, weighing 30 tonnes and with a rating of 12 MVA, was exchanged over the weekend,” said Cern.

“During this process, the cryogenics system was put into a standby mode with the two sectors kept at around 4.5 K. Since the beginning of the week the cryogenics team have been busy re-cooling the magnets and preparing for operation with beam, which is currently forecast for today.”

The LHC is now back up and running and the first results are expected within a few weeks.

The collider, dubbed the world’s largest scientific experiment, is attempting to answer fundamental questions about the forces that hold the universe together.

By smashing particles together at near light speed it hopes to recreate the conditions just after the Big Bang and discover what gives matter mass.
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