Java gets an update

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Sun has released a new version of its Java Run-time Environment JRE.

The new version of the end-user Java software contains several bug fixes, including multiple security updates. It is known as version 1.6.0_13 or JRE 6 Update 13.

Among the security fixes are flaws which could be used for remote code execution. Other possible risks include the ability to elevate privileges and cause a denial of service crash on a targeted system.

In addition to the two security updates, the patch also addresses five other flaws in the software. Among the fixes are bugs which occurred when handling certain secure HTTP requests and launching Java Applets from the desktop.

The company has also posted an update for the previous generation Java 5 software. That update includes the same security fixes the JRE 6 update as well as some two dozen additional bug fixes.

The update comes just two days after Sun issued an update for its Java System Identity Manager software.

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