iPad owners a 'selfish elite'

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iPad owners a 'selfish elite'

Critics mostly Linux users, study finds.

A study of 20,000 US consumers has shown some interesting personality traits in those who love or loathe the iPad.

The iPad Opinion Profile from consumer research firm MyType suggests that iPad owners are more than six times as likely to be wealthy, highly educated and sophisticated than non-owners.

But they are also an unkind "selfish elite" not given to acts of altruism.

Contrary to the advertising, iPad owners are also less likely to be interested in the arts and music, and more in finance and business.

By contrast, iPad critics value self-direction and shun conformity, and are interested in video games, computers, electronics, science and the internet.

The bulk are Linux users, followed by Mac and PC owners. iPad critics are also more likely to be atheists and childless.

"The characteristics of a product's early adopters define its image, or at least make a strong statement about how the product is perceived," said MyType in a blog post.

"The results of the profile suggest that the tablet computer is seen more as a power tool for elites than as the newest gadget for technology geeks."

IPad owners are twice as likely to be in their 40s than non-owners, and Apple seems to be having problems with the youth market since teenagers are four times as likely to criticise the device than 40 year-olds, the data shows.

Some 54 percent of those surveyed have no interest in getting an iPad, while 11 percent described it as 'silly' and six percent had not heard of it, the latter described in the report as having "kind and humble" personalities. One in 20 respondents are waiting for the next model.

Ethnic minorities are also far more aware of the iPad. Korean and Chinese Americans are eight and five times more likely to be aware of the device than natives, and African and Middle Easterners twice as likely.

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