Intel delivers first mobile WiMax chips

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Intel delivers first mobile WiMax chips

Integrated fixed/mobile WiMax promises cheaper base stations.

Intel has started shipping the industry's first dual-mode baseband WiMax chips.

The WiMax Connection 2250 supports mobile and fixed WiMax services. It is designed to connect devices like computers and set-top boxes, while the mobile facility allows users to stay connected by handing off the connection from one access point to another.

Intel claims that its chip is the industry's first mobile WiMax radio.

Combining the two networks on a single chip makes for cheaper base stations, the chipmaker argued.

Intel also claimed that the new chip can be upgraded to comply with future WiMax standards through a simple software upgrade that is wirelessly transmitted to the base station.

Intel is one of the main backers of WiMax. The company expects to launch WiMax PC cards later this year and is working to integrate the technology in its chipsets by 2007.

Several equipment manufacturers including Alcatel, Motorola and Siemens are planning to support the new technology, according to Intel.
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