IBM signs up for WiMax standard

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IBM signs up for WiMax standard

Emerging metro wireless standard gains momentum.

IBM has joined the WiMax Forum, an industry organization that promotes the upcoming wireless standard.

WiMax is designed to deliver high speed internet access over a wide range. Operators expect to use the technology to provide internet connections in metropolitan areas as a DSL and cable broadband replacement. The technology is also excepted to bring internet connections to rural areas where constructing wired networks isn't considered to be economically viable.

IBM is hoping to sell consultancy services to operators, assisting them in the transistion from switched environments to internet protocol based networks.

"We want to continue to support WiMax as it evolves and becomes more established in the marketplace," said Don Lopes, vice president of IBM's Global Services for telecommunication industry.

The WiMax Forum was initially pushed by chip Intel, but has since gathered a series of high profile supporters including Lucent Technologies, LG Electronics and Huawei Technologies.

Intel expects that over time WiMax will replace WiFi technology. The chipmaker last year unveiled its first combined WiFi and WiMax baseband chipset for use in notebook computers.
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