Google Print Ads goes to press

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Google Print Ads goes to press

Google has formally launched its Google Print Ads programme allowing companies to run advertisements in local newspapers over the web. The search giant has moved the service out of its test phase and provided access to all Google AdWords customers.

Google Print Ads made its debut last November in partnership with 50 newspapers and roughly 100 advertisers. The service has since expanded to more than 225 papers, according to Google.

Advertisers will be able to extend their local reach with access to specific regional audiences.

Google Print Ads will also help newspapers reclaim some of the millions of dollars in classified and advertising revenue lost to web services such as Craigslist

"Newspapers are an important source of information and a powerful communication tool," said Google chief executive Eric Schmidt.

"Google Print Ads will bring more advertisers to newspapers which will ultimately benefit readers, publishers and advertisers."

Google claims that the service currently covers more than 30 million readers in 32 of the top 35 advertising markets in the US, including New York, Washington, Seattle and Silicon Valley.

Yahoo has a competing service that includes 265 newspapers.
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