Experts call for global IT security police

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Experts call for global IT security police

Global force to deal with a global problem, says Kaspersky.

The world needs a global police force to tackle the rise of cyber-crime, according to a security firm at Infosecurity Europe 2007 in London.

Organised attacks based in countries such as China, Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe need to be tackled by an agency cooperating across borders, said David Emm, senior technology consultant at Kaspersky.

"There is a need for a cyber-Interpol, if you like," Emm said. "If not global then at least incorporating some of these countries like China and Latin America where some of this stuff is sourced."

Emm said that China led the way in terms of the number of attacks with around 50 to 60 percent, followed by Latin America, Russia and Eastern Europe.

"It is really difficult from a police angle," he explained. "The problem is following the trail, because the crime is not local but the victim is."

Emm admitted that the situation had improved over the years following cooperation across the EU, as well as shared resources between the FBI, the Serious Organised Crime Agency and agencies in Russia on individual cases. 

However, this does not go far enough to tackle the problem. "Police agencies are more switched on and there is more cooperation, but there are not great relations between China and the US, for example," said Emm.

"And if there are criminals based in Iran there is not going to be much cooperation between the agencies here and in Iran, so it is a problem."

Emm added that modern attacks which only steal small amounts of money are also hard to police, because the crimes do not seem worthy of the manpower needed to follow them up.

"Often it is a drip-feed activity; they take one person for £20 (A$48), they take me for £20 (A$48) they take you for £20 (A$48). If you go to the local police, £20 is not a big enough crime to figure on their radar. But lots of £20 (A$48)thefts is big business," concluded Emm.
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