eBay mandates developer password change

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The giant web marketplace site eBay has warned developers of a security vulnerability, and is compelling them to change their credentials immediately.

Kumar Kandaswamy, manager of the eBay Developers Program, posted a notification this week that warned: “eBay has recently identified a means by which someone could gain access to eBay Developers Program account information.”

“We are requiring that all developers take the following steps: Take advantage of our new, stricter password standards and change your eBay Developers Program passwords," he wrote. "If you believe you or your customers have been the victim of fraudulent activity, contact us immediately."

Kandaswamy said access to the Developers Program account does not allow the capture of financial or other sensitive information, such as credit card or bank account information.

“Fortunately, we have not detected any unusual activity with any developer account,” he said.

Software developers in the eBay Developers Program can build and offer applications that integrate with eBay through the eBay application programming interface (API), to create services, for example, to manage listing, bidding, checkout and shipping tasks.

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