Cruise liners to get real-time TV

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Cruise liners to get real-time TV

Now with fewer repeats of Triangle.

SeaMobile, a provider of at-sea communications, has launched a company called Wave Entertainment Network to deliver an at-sea television network.

The service is expected to be installed in a cruise liner in late 2007, to be followed by oil platforms and military vessels.

"Wave Entertainment TV is another step towards offering a highly desirable service in a way that has never been done at sea," said SeaMobile chief executive William Marks.

"Wave Entertainment TV allows travellers in the middle of nowhere on cruise ships, offshore platforms or military vessels to watch TV just as they do in their own living room.

"It will also give cruise line companies another source of revenue through programme fees and targeted advertising."

Wave Entertainment TV will offer up to 40 channels of programming including satellite TV, pay-per-view movies and events, live sports, special interest, kid-focused, live national news and adult programmes.

The network uses a combination of satellite and caching technology that allows viewers to experience live events and network programming in time slots that they are accustomed to seeing.

At-sea television typically shows programmes which are stored onboard and re-aired for weeks at a time.

"This venture has a wealth of experience in delivering entertainment that is appealing to viewers. Our executive team includes several former DIRECTV senior executives," said Larry Lemoine, chief executive of Wave Entertainment.

"Through our state-of-the-art broadcast centre, we manage the programming and delivery for mass appeal. But we have the technology to target specific programming for finite areas such as a single cabin of a specific cruise ship.

"This affords enormous customisation opportunities from a viewing and advertising perspective."
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