Aussie security vendor claims new approach to security

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Aussie security vendor claims new approach to security

Enhancing user controls over programs is the only way to destabilise the growth of malware, according to a NSW-based security vendor.

Program transparency and enhanced user controls similar to those in Microsoft Vista are the only way forward in tackling today’s exponential growth of malware, claims Alcy Infinity CEO and chief architect at Timesavers International.

Speaking to SC during the Security 2007 exhibition in Sydney’s Darling Harbour, Infinity said the obscurity of Windows has been accepted for years however this lack of knowledge is not compatible with today’s security issues.

“At the moment any program can read your emails and any program can change your settings. Without the proper tools you have no way of knowing what is being performed,” he said.

“We don’t need to know the details of what programs are doing rather we need to control the actions they can perform. Any virus and spyware starts with installation of a program so if you prevent or control the installation of a program you are secure,” he claimed.

According to Infinity, Vista is taking the right direction to a more controlled system with their user account control tools it’s a good step however it’s not enough, users need far more control.

Furthermore, Infinity rejects the idea that open source is the answer to security and claimed that traditional signature based technologies are only ‘skin deep’.

“In reality not enough people have the knowledge nor the skill to read open source code. We need to know the actions that programs can perform and this is why I call it open actions. We don’t need open source we need open actions,” said Infinity.

Infinity heads the NSW based start-up security vendor Time International. He recently released CyberForceField and CyberMartialArts claiming the products as a new approach to security.

“The CyberForceField application allows individuals to set rules to programs determining what they can access while CyberMartialArts teaches what’s needed to control this tool,” he said.

The Security 2007 Conference and Exhibition was part of the Australia’s Security Industry Association Limited organisation between 10-12 July.
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