Right size. Right cloud. Right now

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Right size. Right cloud. Right now

A ‘Well Architected Review’ delivers fast savings and benefits from the start but the best is yet to come.

“Telstra Purple assembles our capabilities across networking, cybersecurity, right through to design thinking and software development, to help customers get the most out of their clouds."

It’s a sign of a fruitful of conversation when you walk away with $35,000 more in the budget to invest.

Telstra Purple’s expert knew they had their customer’s attention while detailing a plan to slash $US2000 ($A2650) a month with a simple toggle off-switch.

“Our team found there was a lot of storage that wasn’t attached to anything — 17 terabytes sitting there doing nothing. Those savings come for free,” says Telstra Purple’s Peter Reid.

Counting the benefits of public cloud

But these incredible savings were just the start. The true measure of a successful WAR is how it prepares for digital transformation, Reid says. And with a successful cloud migration comes enduring benefits of a self-healing platform that lifts uptime and responsiveness, new business opportunities and revenue streams —even cultural change from workplace experience to cybersecurity and trust.

“A WAR starts with remediation of low-hanging fruit but then Telstra Purple assembles our capabilities across networking, cybersecurity, right through to design thinking and software development, to help customers get the most out of their clouds.”

Reid says “visibility” is a tangible, out-of-the-box benefit that public cloud platforms provide so customer CIOs can monitor, plan and adapt with confidence.

“These tend to be lacking in private cloud without expensive bolt-ons. But public cloud has incredible visualisation to raise awareness and cut spending, such as through ‘right-sizing’ workloads or switching from on-demand to reserved instances, which can add up to big cost savings.”

And while savings are attractive, Reid says customers must ask themselves, “What does ‘good’ look like?” The Telstra Purple Cloud Adoption Framework provides the springboard to discover, define, deliver and drive a successful digital transformation.

“Have a reason to go cloud and understand the ‘why?’ of the business case for your own circumstances including the end state you hope to achieve.”


Managed services impose public order on private chaos

Once businesses are liberated from managing legacy IT, they can profit from the massive investment Telstra Purple and ‘hyperscaler’ partners such as AWS and Microsoft make in their platforms. Telstra Purple provides an easy bridge to managed cloud so customers can focus on their business.

  • That nirvana is where we want to land our customers,” says Reid. “Public cloud isn’t just ‘lift and shift’ a workload somewhere else – it’s capitalising on that deep investment being made on the platform, with thousands of new services released every year, and being supported by managed services across clouds — public, private, multi-cloud and hybrid.”

With proliferating choices to ‘mix and match’ their cloud infrastructure for the right performance at the right price and time, management and orchestration is a key concern for many CIOs. And so it was for one of Reid’s customers transitioning from Telstra’s CSX private cloud to public cloud.

“We could provide greater savings and agility by splitting their workloads across hyperscalers while our managed services provided a single, seamless control plane across their ecosystem.”

Reid also says its hyperscaler partners may subsidise customer cloud migrations, while Telstra Purple muscles up as to extract further savings.

Although 2020–2021 saw many organisations move swiftly, the next two to three years will be more considered and strategic, Reid says.

“Many customers have moved tactically to cloud, so now they are reassessing and resetting their strategy. And that’s where Telstra Purple can help, by having those structured conversations to ensure they realise their goals.”


Kickstart your cloud transformation today with a chat to Telstra Purple’s dedicated cloud team who will walk you through the Cloud Adoption Framework, assess your strategy and build a business case for digital transformation. 


Where to start the cloud conversation in your business today

CIOs can lead a transformation conversation with their executive peers elsewhere in the business, expanding early gains in areas such as …

Workplace experience Recent changes to employee working styles and patterns are now competitive advantages. Explore how to harmonise cloud, networks and applications to deliver a consistent service level of employee experience wherever the user is physically located.

Customer experience — How responsive are your systems and culture to heightening customer expectations for a fluid journey with your brand? And while you may be capturing customer data, how well is it used to serve their needs?

Cybersecurity and trustMcKinsey found that 87% of respondent customers would not deal with a brand they did not trust while 71% would end their relationship if it gave away sensitive data without permission. Telstra Purple can straighten your cybersecurity posture to lift your customer standing.

Data-driven decision-making — Collaborating with their peers and a managed services partner, a CIO can establish key metrics that track the business’s health.


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