Case study: Non-alcoholic brand Lyre’s Spirits grows through digital implementation

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Lyre’s Spirits, an Australian non-alcoholic beverage company has been flourishing over the past year with consumers drinking more non-alcoholic drinks. The beverage brand is only two years old and says it has used programmatic tools to enhance the experience for its customers and take advantage of important “sober holidays”.

According to Ashleigh Murray, global SVP ecommerce at Lyre’s Spirits the company has always been a digital-first brand.

She told Digital Nation Australia, “We have always been open in the beginning to being new and innovative, this needed to reflect in the digital offering that we gave. From the beginning, we have not just built sites but made sure we were acquiring data early on so we had an audience to speak to."

“We focused on key subcultures and segments to go after and then setting our technology stack up for success and growth because the growth is so rapid,” Murray says.

Lyre’s Spirits implemented digital marketing brand Bench Media's solution to leverage its programmatic advertising with the aim of expanding the brand internationally. From its campaign during key selling periods like Dry July and OctSober, Lyre’s reached over 1.5 million unique users and a sales uplift of 30 per cent.

“We've focused heavily previously in social media and Google advertising. But this is where we saw that next level of programmatic such as native video and display remarketing that we needed to focus on for those key selling periods.

“In those key selling periods, you're going to end up with more traffic and eyeballs on the site. Therefore it was so critical to hone in on that remarketing and get that return on ad spend (ROA),” Murray said.

Part of Lyre's digital strategy has been to focus on omnichannel, says Murray.

“This program we ran for Dry July we call it a ‘try July’. The premise was we would take someone from online, we would serve them city guides show them all the venues that they can attend to for the month and to get their drink.

“We were offering a free Lyre's cocktail in select venues around NSW, Queensland and Victoria, in key cities in those states. Customers had to download an app, they would go into a store, they could redeem their drink and we would start sending push notifications. We would then loop them back asking for feedback and to the website for purchase,” she says.

While Bench was responsible for driving traffic to the Lyre's landing page. Another platform that Lyre's integrated was MyApp.

“MyApp has multiple vendors and a huge database of people who are looking for offers. We worked with them in order to get that redemption mechanic happening. We would then remarket and get people coming back to the site.

“MyApp was an incredible experience had a huge database. They have worked with some of the premium and best alcoholic brands in the world. What we saw is their ability to also adapt because if this was successful in Australia, which it was, we would decide to take it globally.

“They were willing to work with us and scale with us and recreate these apps in the regions that we needed in order to facilitate this as a global offering,” Murray said.

Lyre’s Spirits sells to 50 countries worldwide through its ecommerce and wholesale channels.

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