Yahoo restructures

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Search outfit Yahoo has announced a corporate overhaul in bid to rally the troubled company in the face of stockholder revolt and a mass migration of staff.

More than 50 executives have fled the sinking ship since Microsoft went public with a takeover offer in early February.

President Sue Decker has divided the company into three teams. She has ordered everyone to make "cloud computing" a priority.

Analysts say it is like the crew of the Titanic training in lifeboat drills after the liner had hit the iceberg and Celine Dion had started caterwauling.

If Yahoo had made the changes earlier everything would have been OK. But now everything Yahoo is doing is "strategic and long-term" and shareholders just don’t have the patience.

Meanwhile Vole has been frantically headhunting Yahoo staff as viciously as Celtic bandits on their way to a 'who has the biggest collection of heads' convention.

Even Yahoo's chum Google has hunted a few heads. (c) 2010 Incisive Media

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