Windows must change to deal with Web 2.0

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Windows must change to deal with Web 2.0

Trouble ahead, warns Gartner.

Microsoft's Windows operating system must change to meet the demands of the modern computing world, according to an industry analyst. 

Gartner stated in a new report that Microsoft's shift to Live services cannot be achieved using Windows Vista. 

"The ability to enable substantial upgraded functionality automatically, which is well beyond the capabilities of Windows Update today, and the ability to enable people to seamlessly use multiple computers and devices, are part of that vision," said the report.

"Gartner believes that this vision cannot be implemented using the current Vista/NT code base."

The analyst also believes that the pressure placed on Microsoft by the Web 2.0 platform will cause the company to release versions of Windows more quickly.

"Users should expect Microsoft to significantly decrease the time between Windows releases, not just because of traditional pressures, but due to competitive pressures brought on by Web 2.0," said a Gartner analyst.

"Windows Live is not Windows, and neither will require the other. The vision is for new features to 'light up' when connected to the internet."

However, Gartner stressed that there must be no perception of a loss of services by Windows customers.

"Because much of the vision is to enhance Windows, users will expect not to lose what they perceive as features if they are using the combination of Windows plus Windows Live."

Gartner said that Windows Live is meant to be delivered as a layer above Windows, in the same way that Windows 3 was delivered as a layer on top of DOS, but that transition will only get so far.

"Microsoft does not want to have parallel developments, but it may have no choice," the Gartner report concluded.
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