Vista launches with new security features

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Vista launches with new security features

Microsoft today released the much anticipated consumer and business editions of its new operating system Windows Vista and the 2007 Office system to the Australian public, claiming it’s a safer and a more reliable system.

The software giant announced a series of security enhancements including multi-layered security features, malware protection, phishing protection and improved family settings.

According to Tracey Fellows, newly appointed managing director of Microsoft A/NZ, the increased connectivity in the world brings increased threats. “Users should not fear losing something that means a lot,” she said.

Increased security for Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) browser in Vista is among the enhancements announced today. IE7's address bar will flash green when users visit safe web sites.

Furthermore, improved default system protections help detect the installment of silent malicious code in the new operating system along with features like Windows Defender, which monitor key system locations for malware and spyware.

According to Kevin Johnson, president of Microsoft platforms and services division, Vista also has data recovery and back data protections, which is claimed to continuously protect data.

Meanwhile, Vista’s phishing filter can be set to block phishing sites in emails sent and received via Microsoft’s email service, Outlook.

Additionally, improved parental controls ranging from usage time controls, password protection, email settings and reporting capabilities are part of its new ‘family safety settings’.

Fellows said parents can specify when and for how long their children use the computer, as well as restricting content and restricting access to sites.

Despite today’s announcements, reports released yesterday claimed that US vendor Webroot Software found weaknesses in Vista’s security and its anti-virus capabilities.

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