Unisys: Customer satisfaction tops business priority

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Unisys: Customer satisfaction tops business priority

A study by Unisys claims IT executives in large organisations realise the future depends on customer satisfaction.

IT executives in large organisations are begining to realise that their future depends on customer satisfaction, a study by Unisys claims.

The study states these executives are driven to make investments in an IT infrastructure that yields real-rime personalised service to customers.

This could be the crucial differentiator in a mass market served by more channels and competitors than ever before, said Unisys.

Unisys’ survey polled around 350 business and IT executives at leading companies in the US and Europe about their views on the importance and potential benefits of real-time infrastructure.

The survey shows 89 percent of respondents cited customer satisfaction as their leading business priority in deploying real-time infrastructure.

According to Unisys, around 63 percent of respondents cited customer satisfaction as “extremely important” in their IT infrastructure investment and deployment decisions, only 26 percent characterised it as “important”.

Three factors were shown as primary drivers of investment in technology and services, from IT infrastructure to outsourcing, said Unisys.

David Ireland, general manager, systems and technology, Unisys A/NZ said outstripping revenue growth, cost reduction and efficiency/productivity were described as infrastructure capabilities but failed to address the dynamic alignment of business process with IT services.

“Customers globally are demanding intelligent IT infrastructure that can adapt to changing demands in real-time,” he said.

“The speed of satisfaction will determine competitive advantage and lead to revenue growth. If an organisation is to retain and grow its client base, it needs an intelligent infrastructure, one that goes beyond the traditional real-time IT infrastructure capability.”


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