Toshiba gets personal with laptops

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Toshiba gets personal with laptops

Toshiba has become the first manufacturer to offer a laptop personalisation service in the UK.

The new Lapjacks service lets customers send in a digital photo or use one of the predesigned laptop covers. These are then printed onto a sticker matching the dimensions of the laptop and can be attached by the owner. 

"Consumer electronics devices are becoming multi-purpose accessories and people want their devices to reflect their personal choice and style," said Matt McDowell, marketing director of Toshiba Computer Systems Division UK.

"We believe that consumers are looking to personalise more and more of their products, particularly in the consumer electronics space, which is why we felt it was important to offer a service that allows people to create their own unique designs."

The service is not limited to Toshiba laptops but can be made for any make and model. The company is also expecting considerable interest from businesses, schools and universities.

While there are plenty of independent companies offering this kind of service, Toshiba's is the first in the UK. The service costs £14.99 (A$36.08) for pre-stocked imagery and £29.99 (A$72.19) for customised designs.
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