Toshiba creates fuel cell for mobile devices

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Toshiba creates fuel cell for mobile devices

Might have to move to Japan to use it.

Toshiba has launched a methanol fuel cell device which can provide power for mobile devices.

The palm-sized Dynario direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) starts shipping on October 29 in Japan, and can be used to recharge mobile devices through a standard USB connection.

Dynario generates power through the catalysed oxidation of methanol, a chemical reaction which generates water, carbon dioxide and usable power – "enough to charge two typical mobile phones," said Toshiba.

The methanol fuel comes from a dedicated cartridge which is injected into the Dynario, and 20 seconds later say Toshiba, the device can be used to re-charge mobile devices.

Toshiba also pointed out that charging performance is optimised by Dynario's hybrid structure, "which uses a lithium-ion battery charged by the fuel cell to store electricity."

The ITU approved the standard for a universal phone charger earlier this week, that charger uses a standard micro-USB connection to re-charge mobile phones.

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