Telstra sale still on the cards

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Selling Telstra was the final step towards Australia having a “truly” competitive telecommunications market, according to a federal government minister.

Daryl Williams, Minister for Communications, IT and the Arts, today issued a statement claiming the Telstra sale was “the obvious final step”.

“Selling Telstra is the obvious final step in the journey towards a truly competitive telecommunications market in Australia,” argued the statement from Williams' office.

“Selling the balance of the government's shareholding in Telstra is in Australia's national interest,” the statement claimed. “It is in the interest of Telstra itself, its 1.8 million shareholders, the wider telecommunications sector and, most importantly, the Australian public.”

Yesterday legislation was passed through the House of Representatives, and Williams' statement said that the government remained “hopeful that the Senate will realise the benefits of the full sale of Telstra”.


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