Telstra in hot water with ACCC, again

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Telstra in hot water with ACCC, again

Despite its glowing financial status, Telstra has become embroiled in three separate Line Sharing Service (LSS) disputes.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has recently received notification of three telecommunications access disputes under Part XIC of the Trade Practices Act 1974.

These disputes relate to Telstra's supply of the Line Sharing Service (LSS).

The following parties have each separately notified the ACCC of a LSS access dispute with Telstra: TPG Internet Pty Ltd notified on 29 January 2008; Agile Pty Ltd notified on 31 January 2008; and Saunders Properties Pty Ltd notified on 4 February 2008.

The LSS allows two carriers to provide separate services over a single metallic pair or line. The higher frequency part of the line is used by the access seeker to supply broadband (DSL) services, while the access provider simultaneously supplies a PSTN voice service over the same portion of the unconditioned local loop.

The ACCC has commenced the arbitration processes for these access disputes. Given that the legislation states that arbitrations be conducted in private, the ACCC will not be making any public comment at this stage.

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