Telstra fills DSL holes

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Telstra will spend $10 million in 2003 upgrading regional and outer metropolitan exchanges for ADSL.

The move will see an additional 100 exchanges added to the 800 that are already equipped for ADSL. Telstra claims 40 of the upgrades will be completed before the end of 2002.

Telstra will also begin testing new "mini ADSL" devices suitable for use in Remote Integrated Multiplexers or RIMs in early 2003, as well a new full sized ADSL RIMs for newly developed suburbs.

Telstra claims it is also "working out new technically feasible and cost effective ways to assist more customers access alternative copper paths for ADSL and ISDN".

"These important new initiatives will be underpinned by improvements to Telstra's existing broadband register, a key tool for tracking customer demand. An improved method for capturing customer registrations will be introduced in the 2003," said Telstra networks and technology group managing director, Doug Campbell.


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