Tech giants collaborate on tiny chips

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Tech giants collaborate on tiny chips

IBM has teamed up with Hitachi to develop a new range of ultra-small processors – the first time the companies have collaborated on chip developments.

The work will focus on developing of 32nm and ultimately 22nm processors which will power the next generation of enterprise servers.

By collaborating, the two companies would "accelerate the pace of semiconductor innovation for the 32-nanometer generation and beyond," said Bernie Meyerson, chief technology officer for IBM's Systems & Technology Group.

Chip-making giant Intel is also working on 32nm developments. It expects to ship its first 32nm processors in the second half of 2009.

The research being undertaken by IBM and Hitachi will focus on new methods to analyse semiconductor devices and structures and developing a better understanding of the physics at play in devices that are a billionths of a metre in length.

The companies have previously worked together in developing enterprise servers and other products.
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