Synetek documents email policy

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Synetek documents email policy

Aussie on-demand business applications vendor for the SME market, Synetek Systems has made available a Corporate Email Policy Document for businesses.

Synetek co-founder Lee Trevena said businesses that do not have a formal and documented Corporate Email Policy run the risk of not being able to legally retain and manage employee email communications, regardless of their nature, importance or potential impact.

“The speed in which email has been adopted by business has in many ways outstripped both software functionality and legislative requirements, providing real commercial and legal risks for those businesses who are not keeping up,” he said.

According to Trevena since its original inception as a ‘handy little office memo system’ email has become the primary communication tool for businesses, overtaking even the telephone. However, software like Outlook only provides functionality for day-to-day individual use and do not rate as a medium to long term corporate email management solution.

“The extensive use of email now requires businesses to be able to have all transmissions automatically stored and indexed for future recovery for legal, commercial or internal reasons. Only the implementation of a system like MailRevive™ will meet the needs of today’s business in this area,” he said.

As an active email archiving service MailRevive will index and archive your business’ email transmissions, and provide Web 2.0 user interface from which users can undertake detailed discovery and recovery of any email they ever transmitted, said Trevena.

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