Swedish boffins develop green sat-nav

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Swedish boffins develop green sat-nav

Eight percent fuel saving by not taking the quickest route.

Swedish scientists have developed a satellite navigation system that looks for the most energy efficient route for vehicles.

Researchers at the Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden found that planning a journey by the fastest or shortest route did not always provide the best fuel consumption. 

By taking into account the width of the streets, the speed limit and the amount of traffic expected during peak and non-peak hours, drivers could reduce the amount of petrol used.

Trials shaved up to 8.2 percent off the usual amount of fuel used compared with journeys on other routes.

The team monitored the fuel consumption of three kinds of car and tested 22 separate routes.

Eva Ericsson, senior lecturer and part of the green development team at Lund University, said that the proliferation of electronic devices in cars should be used to benefit the environment.

Ericsson admitted that plotting a greener route for every journey was not realistic, but said that additional local tests would be conducted to see whether the system could be used for daily travel.

Following a successful small-scale test, the Swedish team hopes to extend the program to take in larger areas.
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