Sony sued over Blu-Ray, again

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Orinda Intellectual Properties USA claims patent infringement

Sony has been sued for a third time over its Blu-Ray technology, this time by an outfit called Orinda Intellectual Properties USA.

The case against Sony Corporation, Sony Electronics Inc, Sony Computer Entertainment Inc and Sony Computer Entertainment America Inc was filed recently in the Texas Eastern District Court.

Orinda claims Sony is infringing on its patent number 5,438,560, which seems to rather generally describe the process of recording and reproducing layered data on to an optical disc. Sounds a lot like writing to any kind of optical media to us.

The patent was originally filed by Hyundai in October 1993 and granted by the US Patent Office in August 1995.

According to the filing, "Orinda has been and will continue to be damaged as a result of Defendants' infringing conduct."

It is seeking a jury trial which it hopes will grant the company a nice cash cow it calls "a reasonable royalty."

In the meantime it's asking for an injunction on the manufacture, sales and distribution of all Blu-ray products, including the PS3 and Nick Farrell's beloved Panasonic DMP-BD30. Unless Sony are stopped Orinda says the "Defendants' infringing conduct will continue unless permanently enjoined by this court."

Both previous attempts to sue Sony over Blu-Ray have been dismissed.
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