Smart bikini takes to the catwalk

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Smart bikini takes to the catwalk

A range of 'smart' clothing has been shown off on the catwalks at the Siggraph 2007 computer graphics and interaction show.

Items included a bikini made of solar panels that can charge electronic devices, collaborative underwear that lets people play interactive erotic games, and jackets with scrolling messages on the reverse.

The solar-powered bikini was invented by New York University student Andrew Schneider and can charge an iPod in bright sunlight in two hours.

The garment can even be worn in the sea, although it must be completely dry before the iPod is plugged in.

Schneider is now working on a version for men that uses the electricity generated to run a small drinks cooler in bright sunlight.

Designer Jenny Chowdhury showed off interactive underwear at the show that has game controllers built into various points.

Each controller intercommunicates allowing a couple to perform various " intimate acts", something Chowdhury claims she developed to deal with "computer game widow" syndrome.

"I found out about a phenomenon called gamer widowhood where men essentially abandoned their wives to play video games night and day," she said.

"I wanted to create a type of video gameplay that would centre around a couple's intimacy and where two people would touch each other in order to play the game."

Other technologies on display included images that can be printed onto T-shirts but can only be viewed through a digital camera, and a sensor-studded leotard that can be used to choreograph dance routines.
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