Smaller, quieter, cooler PS3 coming this autumn

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Gaming gargatuan, Sony has confirmed that the next batch of its Darth Vader's toaster for joypad jigglers will be slimmed down in a number of ways.

A recent corporate strategy meeting saw Sony Entertainment President Kaz Hirai confirm that Sony's fabs had, for a number of months now, been churning out Cell processors for the next generation console using 65nm tecnology as opposed to the older, and much less efficient and more expensive 90nm silicon used in the past.

He also said that the company had been reducing costs by reducing the number of components used.

Hirai also confirmed that plans were afoot to switch the manufacture of the RSX 'Reality Synthesiser' graphics processor, developed by Nvidia, from 90nm to 65nm fabrication by this autumn.

So you'll soon be able to have a PS3 in your living room without feeling like you are living on a sub-tropical heli-pad.

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