Security conference suffers breach of security

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The Black hat security conference held in Las Vegas last week experienced a major problem – in the shape of three French journalists.

The black hat security conference held in Las Vegas yesterday experienced a major problem – in the shape of three French journalists.

When the organisers of this event set up the media room’s LAN they didn’t expect to have to protect one journalist from another.

Dominique Brezinski, Black Hat's technical director said, "the design of the network was to isolate it from the rest of the public network — it's not designed to isolate it from one computer in the press room to another computer in the press room…they took advantage of that."

The three in question have been named and indeed shamed as Dominique Jouniot, Marc Brami and Mauro Israel who, it is alleged, stole the information from Eweek and CNET.

Once these back-stabbers had grabbed details from fellow journalists’ computers, such as usernames and passwords, they decided to take a trip down to the guys at the ‘Wall of Sheep’ – a forum designed to embarrass security professionals.

However, luckily for most, the Wall of Sheep staff have some morals, and refused to put these details up, as the forum is not designed to catch journalists out – and they could actually be in breach of the law.

It was this visit designed by them to apparently “educate the press” that got them caught. Shortly after this journalists were notified of this security breach and the perpetrators were thrown out.

When questioned about this dirty deed Brami completely denied everything – strange seeing as he was seen huddled around the laptop looking suspicious with the other two, and was also photographed going into the Wall of Sheep. µ
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