SafeBoot, Symantec tackle compliance pains

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SafeBoot, Symantec tackle compliance pains

Security vendors are releasing compliance ready applications to ease the regulatory pain for enterprises and end-uses.

Global data security vendor SafeBoot has released an updated version of its mobile encryption tool to Australians after a vigorous testing phase by a federal government agency.

Strictly complying with global compliance and regulatory standards, SafeBoot’s Device Encryption version 5.1 claims to secure enterprise data with access control and encryption to prevent unauthorised access or use of portable devices.

Tagged with EAL-4 Common Criteria certification the international standard for computer security as well as being BITS compliant the international standard for finance industry SafeBoot aims to reduce compliance pains for end-users, according David Jordan regional manager A/NZ at SafeBoot.

“If they [Europe and US] can prove through auditing that the product was encrypted they don’t have to disclose breaches,” said Jordan.

They have to encrypt all mobile devices otherwise if a breach occurs the company has to send each affected individual a notification letter, he said.

“We don’t have that leg here but we’re hearing global echoes…a lot of agencies are becoming interested. We had a local federal agency that sponsored the testing phase of the units and has since deployed the application,” said Jordan.

Meanwhile, Symantec has also announced the upgrade of the Symantec Control Compliance Suite which claims to manage policy and compliance across the enterprise network by automating policies against industry regulations, standards and best practices.

Jeffrey Hoo, Symantec’s APAC compliance and security management field director said Australia has done a great job to really understand what compliance is all about. But regulations will keep coming and in many different forms.

Compliance required lots of spread sheets, word documents, and checklists it is very resource intensive. Australia is ahead of Asia in regards to compliance but it has to think about meeting all the emerging regulations, said Hoo.

The name of the federal agency has been withheld for security reasons.

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